Sunday, April 13, 2014

Saving Money on a Move

This is really our first big move that were are planning.  When we originally purchased our townhouse, we didn't have much furniture.  But being a townhouse with the little that we had, it was a long and strenuous day as everything we owned had to be carried up 1-2 flights of stairs, which we decided we would never do it again.  Especially since we had family help us with the first move, we felt guilty on how much work it was for them as well.

Because of that experience we have booked a moving company to come the day after our possession date (yes we are bridging for a couple of days) to move all of our furniture.  I contacted several moving companies and asked them for quotes based on the furniture that we wanted to moved.  We didn't need any of the extras which included, boxes, tape, etc.  just having the furniture moved f down 2 flights of stairs was all really wanted.

After we chose our company we then invited them to come and give us an exact price for the furniture we were moving.  We booked them for a 4 hour service.  We are also planning to have all the furniture that needs to be disassembled prepared for when they come.  (Hopefully this will save us some time and money since movers change by increments of 15 minutes after the allotted hours you have booked.)

We have less than 3 weeks til moving day.  I will be posting tips and our experiences as it happens.  On the day of our move, watch it live through my twitter feed!  I'm sure it will be a great experience!

Have a great week!

Happy Couponing!

 * Tip* If you are buying new furniture for a house that you are moving too, have the store delay the delivery date until you officially take possession.

*Tip* Search online sites like Freecycle or Kijiji for free boxes, and bubble wrap.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Game Night

Last night we went out for dinner with some family members and noticed at our local pub that there was a Game Night Deal for when nights when the Toronto Maple Leaf's play.  The deal was a beer, with a hamburger with fries for $9.00.  At most pubs you can probably expect to pay close to $9 for just a beer, but last night I'm so glad we saw the special meau that was posted at our table.

We had a delicious dinner on the cheap end!  It made me feel like we were back in the states.

Happy Couponing!

Monday, March 31, 2014

A month to go...

Until we move to our new home.  Its been a very busy couple of weeks and lately I feel that my couponing has been lacking.  Last night I was going through my binder and I realized that my stockpile of coupons was starting to get low.  I was originally planning to start going back to my go to sites to try and collect more coupons but then thought that I should probably wait until I move so that my coupons make it to the right address.

With the move in date quickly approaching I'm finding I am starting to really pack up what I can give up for the next month as it all goes into storage.  I have been spending a lot of time on one of my favourite sites: in trying to collect moving boxes and bubble wrap for free.  So far, we have not had to buy any boxes, and I have collected about 3 garbage bags worth of bubble wrap that will come in handy with my glasses and dishes.

As this is really our first REAL move, I have no idea how much closing will be costing us, (not including the lawyer fees, etc.) If you have any tips and or ideas to help make this move as cheap as possible please post them on the comments box below!

I look forward to hearing for you!

Happy Couponing!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Organic Squoosh Baby Puree Review

Recently I had the pleasure of trying out the Squoosh Baby Puree food and was pleasantly surprised how good it tasted.  Originally I had given my son the Orangobango flavour which is a combination of mango, banana apple and carrot puree. He was able to drink the puree out of the easy spout independently.  He loved that he was in complete control over his own snack. 

My son loved the Orangobango flavour so much we also picked up the Squabbleberry flavour which is a combination of pureed apples, banana's squash and blueberries, it was another instant hit in our house.

What I love about this product is that it is completely organic.  I use to spend hours in the kitchen making my own baby food, but I just love the option of being able to pick up a package at the store and having it ready to serve. 

One feature that I'm sure all parents would love from this product is that it is a snack that travels well.  It doesn't require a spoon and the package can be tossed out when finished.

If you haven't already tried out this product, you really need to pick it up.  Not only is it a healthy snack but your children will love it.

Happy Couponing!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Week of All Weeks

We've been extremely busy the past couple of weeks, which is why I haven't as much as I usually do.  To catch all of you up, I was recently diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondilitis, which has been quite an adjustment me for me to start slowing down and taking care of myself.

On top of that, we purchased a new house closer to my parents and in laws (to save us on before and after school care, for when my son does go to school) and are now in the process of selling our first home.  We decided a couple of months ago that it would a great idea to plan a trip for the same week the house gets listed.  This way everything would be clean and tidy for house showings.  So we booked a trip to Florida and Disney.  Now that we are in the midst of the final days before leaving and the opening, it is starting to feel like a bad idea. I'm so tired of packing for both a move and a trip that I'm not sleeping well anymore.

I can't wait to be out of here.